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Say Goodbye to Wires

Clear aligners are one of the most popular choices at Danzer Orthodontics — and for good reason. Wireless and discreet, these removable, custom-made aligning trays are perfect if you’re interested in a less conspicuous option.

What to Know About
Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are transparent, custom-fit trays made of BPA-free plastic designed to gradually shift your teeth into their desired positions.

You can easily remove these clear aligners for eating, cleaning, and special events, making them a discreet, versatile treatment that blends seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Danzer Orthodontics offers the world-famous Invisalign, as well as our own in-house brand, N-Line aligners!

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Clear Up Your Smile With Aligners

Clear aligners offer you benefits that traditional braces just can’t offer, including:

Comfort & Precision

Crafted to fit your mouth snugly, our clear aligners are all about high-quality, personalized orthodontic care.

Serious Flexibility

Dr. Danzer can use clear aligners to treat all sorts of orthodontic issues, from mild to moderate cases.

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Efficient Treatment

Unlike braces, your aligners don’t require regular adjustments, so your smile journey is smooth and swift.

No regular adjustments means no long sessions in the chair and no soreness afterward. Sounds like a win to us.

Confident Smiles

Undergo a transformative journey for your smile, all while keeping your treatment under the radar. The clear, sleek design of our aligners ensures your treatment is as low-profile as possible.

N-Line Aligners: Your Custom Option

Dr. Danzer knows that not every patient wants the same thing.

Your smile is as unique as you are, so he’s developed a line of custom in-house aligners to reflect that.

What Are N-Line Aligners?

N-Line aligners are Dr. Danzer’s custom-made aligners. Just like Invisalign, they’re crafted of transparent and comfortable BPA-free plastic.

Since they’re made in-house, you’ll get all sorts of awesome benefits!

How It Works

First, we’ll take precision digital scans of your teeth. Dr. Danzer will use these scans to chart your customized treatment plan directly onto a lifelike 3D model of your mouth.

Dr. Danzer will then demonstrate how your teeth will move into straighter alignment by using a cutting-edge 3D printer to create dental models of each stage of your treatment.

Finally, we’ll create a precise number of clear aligner trays that will seamlessly and efficiently guide your teeth into their correct alignment.

Using advanced technology, we can print these aligners in our office, which helps save you money and allows you to begin your treatment immediately.

What You'll Get With N-Line

Invisalign is great, but for some patients, our N-Line Aligners can offer many benefits unique to this treatment option.

Smooth & Comfortable

N-Line aligners are made from the same seriously comfortable materials as Invisalign. So you’re not sacrificing anything with this option.

Even More Efficient

Since our aligners aren't shipped from another state or country, you'll receive them faster, and we can make adjustments or replacements right away.

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Since we make them in-house, Dr. Danzer can print as many or as few series of aligning trays as you need, meaning we can make on-the-fly adjustments depending on how your treatment is going.


Since we print our custom aligners in-house, we don’t have to take on the various costs associated with brand-name aligners. That means we can pass the savings on to our Owensboro patients!

Clear Aligners FAQ

Find Your Smile With Us

If you’re in or around Owensboro and you want a treatment option that skips the wires and goes straight to the smiles, clear aligners like Invisalign or our own N-Line might just be the perfect option!

Luckily, consultations are always free of charge, so it’s easy to find out. Give us a call today and Dr. Danzer can get going on your dream smile. We can’t wait to see you here!